Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dot's Diner: Review

I've noticed that sometimes commercials hype an item or restaurant up, only to have you make a purchase or eat there, steal your hard earned money, and leave you feeling empty (or with indigestion). Since I am well aware of this phenomenon of the advertising world, I make a point to not visit such establishments or purchase such products until I have actually read reviews from those who already have.

That is, until Dot's Diner. One day on the radio I heard this comforting voice (which to me means the voice of a chain smoking, take no prisoners, matter-of-fact Chalmette grandma, but that's just how I roll)  of an older women telling me "I'm not ya mama, but you're always at home at Dot's Diner". She sounded so fun, and relaxed, and since I am a secret fan of diners (would rather hit up Camellia Grill than Emeril's, yeah, I know it's crazy) I always planned to stop there next time I was in the area.

Short Stack had an appointment in New Orleans, so on the way back, Spud suggested we give Dot's a try, since it was on Hwy 90, on the way home. We pulled into what I thought was a tiny building, hopeful to enjoy some great food and reasonable prices, without being crammed up into a corner booth too small. Once inside, we were greeted and seated at a very roomy booth by a friendly waitress dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day. Short Stack got a pack of crayons and a coloring book, and Spud ordered his coffee. The menu was full of great breakfast, lunch and dinner options, with super reasonable prices. I ordered a Philly Cheese omelet, Spud the Lumberjack Platter, and Short Stack got, well, the Short Stack with bacon, of course!

The coffee was great, the sweet tea was perfect, and the, it was fantastic! All fresh, made to order, and piping hot when it hit the table. Short Stack's pancakes were in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and she gobbled almost all of it up, which is rare for our picky eater. Our portions were enormous, enough to feed two, and I ADORED their hash browns, all crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and well seasoned. I had so much food I could not finish it all, though Spud cleaned his plate, cause he likes a challenge you know. He regretted it later after the carbs hit him...

The service was really great, which is unusual for some places these days, and the waitstaff were attentive without being overly helpful. Refills were steady, and they had folks from all walks of life hanging out, eating, reading the paper, taking advantage of the FREE WIFI inside. The menu is made to order at all hours, and the atmosphere is really serene and friendly, which is so important to our family, as Short Stack's sensory issues were a non issue there, which is huge.

So, the verdict? Dot's is a great place to chow down for a great price, and their commercials are actually truthful in what they are selling! Who woulda thunk it? They should totally be on that Food Network show Diner's Drive-ins and Dives. Thanks Dot's! I know you aren't a real person, but we really enjoyed the place anyway!

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